We welcome your call 407-438-0990 or email to any member of our church staff. 


Pastor - Fr. Esaú Nel García                      

Parochial Vicar - Fr. Juanito Figura             

Pastor Assistant/Office Manager - Elsa Acevedo

Liturgy -                                   

Music – Jose Velez                                 

Children’s Religious Education and First Communion– Elsie Torres

R.C.I.A – Adult Formation - 

Youth /Young Adult (Confirmation and Communion 6th - 12th )- Tina Shannon

Finance and Administration – 

Administrative Assistant – Patricia Garcia   

Reception – Sonia Molina                        

Facility Scheduler - Miriam Mercado

Bulletin -  Elsie Torres

Building and Grounds -                                       

Marriage Preparation – Elsa Acevedo/ Patricia Garcia

Funerals/Altar Servers/ Lectors/Sick Calls –