MT3: Marriage Takes Three

Advisory Counsel:  Fr. Esaú García

Diocesan Liason:  Duane and Rubiela Ackerman

Core Leadership Team:

Duane and Rubiela Ackerman

Tony and Lily Lopez

Dom and Maria Bracero

Herbie and Lillian Rosado

Steve and Patricia Korb

Dario and Yara DeLaFuentes

Jimmy and Maria Vigil

Vision:  To cherish the commitment we made to God and our spouses in love and unity forever.

Mission Statement:  MT3 is a ministry that enriches our spiritual sacrament to strengthen the covenant between God and our Catholic marriages.

Objective:  The MT3 ministry seeks to bring Catholic married couples closer to God, our spouse, and our community with 2 retreats per year and ongoing support of couples meetings to enrich our marriages.

Contact Info:

Rubiela Ackerman:  

Phone:  (321)363-6471

Duane Ackerman:  

Phone:  (407)702-4600

E-Mail:  [email protected]