COVID-19 Religious Education News





ALL Religious Education classes have been moved to the online platform Google Classroom for the rest of the year. The first communion session scheduled for Saturday, March 28, has been canceled. Any changes will be communicated through our website and through Remind.

OUR CONFIRMATION RETREAT ON MAY 1-3 HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Refunds will be issued for all who turned in the deposit for the retreat. 

Please click here for all classroom codes.


First Communion masses have been postponed. Dates to be announced at a later date. The Confirmation Mass has been postponed for after June 1. A specific date has not yet been determined. 


All sacraments and rituals for RCIA, including the reception of sacraments on April 11, will be postponed. A dispensation has been granted to all catechumens for the scrutinies. 



Estimados Padres,

Espero estén bien de salud junto a sus familias. Las fechas de las primeras comuniones, 25 de abril y 2 de mayo, se han postergado. Aún no tenemos las nuevas fechas por ser tan impredecible la situación con el virus. La fecha de la Confirmación, 9 de mayo, aún no se ha pospuesto hasta recibir noticias de parte de la oficina del obispo que se recibirá después del 13 de abril. Seguiré comunicándome con todos los padres a medida que se proporcione más información.  Estén seguros de nuestras oraciones por ustedes y por sus familias. Esperamos con gozo el día cuando podamos celebrar juntos nuevamente en la Mesa del Señor. Mientras tanto, pueden seguir visitando la página electrónica para más información.

En Cristo siempre,

Lydia Britton

Catechetical Leader


Dear Parents,

I pray you and your families are in good health. The First Communion dates of April 25th and May 2nd have been postponed. New dates have yet to be decided due to the unpredictable nature of the Coronavirus.  The date for Confirmation, May 9th, has yet to be postponed until we receive directives from the office of the Bishop. We will not know until April 13th. I will keep communicating with parents as I receive more updates. Be assured of our prayers for you and your families. We joyfully await the day in which we can celebrate together again at the table of the Lord. Meanwhile, you may visit our webpage for more information.

In Christ always,

Lydia Britton

Catechetical Leader