01rq6wv39juputzmx5fcnozwzpl.pngConfirmation is normally celebrated after a period of preparation. Through our Confirmation Program for practicing Catholic adults, we help candidates come to a better understanding of their commitment to Christ and the Church. We offer special formation classes to help prepare candidates who wish to be confirmed. These classes are offered in the fall of every year.

Under 18 and or in high school click here

Please check the bulletin for registration for 2018

For more information on ADULT Confirmation please click here
-To be out of high school and at least 18 years old
-To be a baptized Catholic, who has received the Eucharist (First Communion).  

-To be either unmarried, or married in a Catholic Church
-To have obtained a copy of your Baptismal certificate.
-To complete and submit a registration from for adult confirmation classes
-To choose a confirmation sponsor who is a confirmed, practicing Catholic at least 16 years of age, and if married, in a marriage recognized as valid by the Catholic Church