Fingerprinting and Safe Environment Training

Fingerprinting/Safe Environment Training

The Diocese of Orlando is required by the United States Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to follow certain guidelines with regard to safe environment training. As are all other archdioceses and dioceses, we are required to undergo regular audits by the USCCB to be sure that we are in compliance with those regulations.

Therefore, all church personnel and volunteers working with children and vulnerable populations must complete safe environment training in addition to a background/fingerprint clearance. In order to fulfill the safe environment training requirements, you must watch the 20-minute video “Protecting Our Youth” and then subsequently complete the on-line quiz, which consists of 13 questions. (NOTE: be advised that you will need your bar code number, which is provided to you upon completion of your fingerprint registration, to register for the test).

Pass/fail results are sent directly to the Diocese of Orlando Human Resources Office, which records the data and notifies your affiliated parish, school or organization. You will also receive an e-mail notification with pass or fail results. The Diocese of Orlando joins the United States Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in following the necessary guidelines to safeguard our children. Thank you for your cooperation.


Instructions for those volunteers and employees who have not been fingerprinted or are due to be re-fingerprinted (every five years)

Volunteers who have never been fingerprinted, or who are due to be re-fingerprinted, must first register online by accessing our website at www.orlandodiocese.org



Click on Outreach and prevention will take you to another page.

Click on Fingerprinting.  Complete the process of registering for your

                Fingerprinting appointment.


1.     Go onto the internet and type in www.orlandodiocese.org

2.     Click on the banner on the right side of the homepage that says Fingerprinting and Safe Environment.

3.     Click on the title “Safe Environment Training.”

4.     The registration page will appear.

5.     Scroll two-thirds the way down the new page and enter your name.

6.     Enter your email address that you want your test score emailed to.

7.     Make up a user name (Example: jsmith) then write it down; you will use it again later during this process.

8.     Create a password, then write it down; you will use it again late during this process.

9.     Type in your password one more time.

10.   Type in the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

11.   Type in the Barcode area: the barcode received at time of fingerprint registration.

12.   Type in the name of your location (the church or school or place where you work/volunteer).

13.   Click on the button “Register”.

14.   Log in with your username and password.

15.   Select to conduct the training in either English or Spanish.

16.   Watch the Video.

17.   Click on the arrow on the lower corner of the screen to see the first question and to begin the test. One question will appear at a time. Click on the arrow button again to see the next question.


**There is a $50 fee that must be paid online at the time the appointment is set.

Safe Environment Training

Instructions for Safe Environment training are as follows:
• Go onto the internet and type inwww.orlandodiocese.org
• Please select Safe Environment Training and follow the instruction to view the video.
If you have received a fingerprint/background clearance prior to the implementation of the bar code technology, but still have yet to complete the safe environment training, you may use the following bar code number:01020304050.