Youth Retreats

Youth Retreats

“Come away by yourself to a deserted place and rest a while”

                                                                                     Mark 6: 31  

A retreat is a time when teenagers withdraw from their normal activities.  Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this time apart provides teens with an opportunity to encounter Jesus, reflect upon the movement of God in their lives, and formulate their personal response to the call of discipleship received in their baptism. 

Holy Cross provides retreat experience that directly addresses the teens’ need for reflection time, a sense of belonging, and communal bonding.  These experiences are then complemented by our weekly programs offered on Wednesday evenings. 

All of our retreat experiences are written and facilitated by members of our Holy Cross Youth Ministry Adult Team and or our Peer Ministry Team.  Parents are encouraged to participate as chaperones and must meet the Diocese of Orlando guidelines to work with youth under the age of 18.