Jr. Legion of Mary



The Junior Legion of Mary offer young people, ages 7 – 18 an opportunity to seek the Lord under the banner of Mother Mary.  We provide gentle guidance encouraging members to grow in their faith through regular prayer, daily offerings, parish service and community outreach. 

All are welcome to join us, we gather in the Ministry Building on Tuesdays at 4:45 PM 


As a parent, if you are interested in helping us at the various works to supervise and provide transportation, please let me know.  All parents are welcome to visit meetings, and are welcome to join our adult group.  Parents interested in helping out on continuing bases, or who are willing to work with children in a manner where they may be alone with them, are required to take training for the protection of children and meet other requirements, such as undergoing a background check and being fingerprinted.  Parents who have not completed this training areNOT allowed to work individually with children